Attendance/Early Dismissal Policies
Attendance/Early Dismissal Policies
Posted on 09/01/2022
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The absence line is open 24 hours/day, 201-670-2784.  Parents/Guardians must notify the Absence line by 8:45 am to report a Student’s absence or tardiness for the day.  A note to the teacher or guidance counselor is NOT sufficient notification. If the Main Office does not receive a phone call regarding a student’s absence, every attempt will be made to contact the parents. An automated call will go out at 9:00 am to all phone numbers on file. It is the parents’ responsibility to call the school after receiving the call to verify the student is with you. If your student will be tardy, they will be marked absent until they are in the building or a phone call is received from the parent notifying us of the reason for the tardy.


Students are expected to be in their classroom when the 8:00 bell has rung. If your child will be tardy for any reason, you must call the Absence line at 201-670-2784 prior to 8:45 am.  All reasons for tardiness require a phone call.  If a student does not make it to class by 8 am, he/she will be marked tardy.

After 8 am, your child should go directly to the Main office to obtain a late pass. Ongoing tardiness may be dealt with at the discretion of the Administrators.


If your student needs to be dismissed before the end of the school day, you must give them a signed note indicating the reason for the request. This must be brought to the Main Office by the student at the start of the school day. The student will receive an Early Dismissal pass. At the start of the designated period, they will show the teacher the pass so they can leave the class at the designated time and report to the Main Office to await pick up.

At pick up time, please ring the bell at the Washington Street main entrance. We will send your student out to you. Students will only be released to a parent/guardian unless approved in advance through Administration.

It is important to recognize that if your student does not have a note in the morning this may delay the dismissal of your child. Please do not text your student upon your arrival. Classes often meet in various non-classroom locations including the gym, the auditorium and Citizens Field. These locations do not have phones therefore it may take some time to for your student to come to the Main office to be dismissed.