Counseling Services
Consulting is a major function of the middle school counselor and includes contact with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community at large for the purpose of student understanding, development and management. Consulting contacts include:

1. Teaching Teams (English, Science, Math, Social Studies) - At least weekly meetings with teaching teams to discuss students and to provide parent conference time.

2. Non-team teachers (World language, PE, Art, Music etc.) - Consult with all non-team teachers on student progress and needs.

3. Child Study Team - Consult with the Child Study Team to share and explore student progress and needs.

4. Intervention and Referral Services - Meet with I&RS committee to evaluate, monitor and support referrals.

5. English as a Second Language Staff - Consult with the ESL staff to monitor the needs on the ESL students.

6. Community Agencies (Counseling services, School Resource Officer etc.) - Consult with community agencies as needed for the benefit of students

7. Parent Conference - Individual and team

8. Elementary and High School staff.

9. Private Mental Health Professionals.

10. Student Groups.