Clubs & Activities

Note: There is a $100.00 student activity fee for participating in clubs. A $100 fee total for one or more clubs, not $100 for each club.

Clubs and Activities Calendar (Meeting Dates and Times)




Aim for Change

Are you interested in Making a Difference? Are you concerned about the increasing incidents of school violence and want to learn how to get involved to keep our community safe and support reasonable solutions? There is a movement started by the Governor of California to pass the 28th Amendment to affirm Congress, states, and local governments can enact additional common-sense gun safety regulations that save lives. Get involved and join fellow GW students and learn how these solutions work hand in hand to foster safe and nurturing schools, to address violence at its earliest stages, and to block easy access to firearms by those who would do harm.  Google Classroom Code: cvqh4js

Advisor: Mrs. Handy

Meeting Dates & Location: Thursdays in room 224 


all things social

Come mix and mingle with your school peers! This club will host meet ups each month with fun activities to help you meet new people. Some meetings will happen right after school, while others may occur in the evenings at GW Middle School. We are a fantastic, friendly club, with great things planned including game days and nights, movie nights, building contests, cooking, gardening, kickball, crafting, and more! 

Advisor: Ms. Barba & Mrs. Chromeck

Meeting Dates & Location: Various days/evenings throughout the school year


Brainbusters logo

Are you interested in testing your knowledge in a competitive team environment? If the answer is YES, then Brain Busters is for you!   Brain Busters is a club activity where teams of students compete against other Middle School teams from Bergen County, such as Cresskill, Ho Ho Kus, Waldwick, and BF!

Our team will meet from 3:00 to 4:00 about two or three times a month to practice answering questions and working with the buzzer system. Meets will be held on Fridays during school hours in-person once per month (October-May).

Advisor:  Mrs. Scrudato

Meeting Dates & Location:  Wednesdays and Thursdays in  Room 320 

  School in Cambodia

Did you know that our fundraising efforts built a middle school in rural Cambodia in 2008?  Join the Cambodia Club and learn about all the students who attend our sister school and the students in other programs we also support in Cambodia.  During our meetings, we learn about Cambodian culture, customs, language and even write letters to our Pen Pals!  We have been able to speak to our new friends via Facetime and create connections half a world away!  We also need fundraising support to keep the program expanding.  Join your friends in creating and running the best fundraising events!  We meet once a month and snacks are provided!  Google Classroom Code: lidcnbk

Advisor:  Mrs. Handy  

Meeting Dates & Location:  Thursdays in Room 224


Do you enjoy critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategy? Do you enjoy games that challenge you to think quickly while you are playing them?  Join the Chess Club!  Whether you are a novice or an expert, this club will teach you how to play the game better. 

Advisor: Mr. Couch

Meeting Dates & Location: TBD, Room 329


GW Debate Club (GWDC) is a club that prepares students to engage in civil discourse (debate/discussion) in and out of school. It also helps to develop students for the debate club at RHS.  While we debate primarily about issues that affect the international community, we will spend time discussing community issues as well.  Come join us to learn about new issues, take a position, and present the information in a friendly competition-style debate!

Advisor: TBD

Meeting Dates & Location: TBD


The Diversity Club at GWMS is on a mission to foster acceptance and inclusivity by educating everyone on diversity, equity, and inclusion, providing a safe space for sharing stories, and collaborating with students at BF.

Advisor: Mr. Dabby

Meeting Dates & Location: Wednesdays 3-3:40pm, in the Band Room



The Economics club will meet twice a month to discuss business, markets, and entrepreneurship. There will be guest speakers from Ridgewood High School and the RHS DECA program. The club will also play the Stock Market game for prizes! Google Classroom Code: ylq2sxh

Advisor: Mr. Monahan

Meeting Dates & Location: Our first meeting is WEDNESDAY, October 18th 3pm in Room 201 


French logo 

Parlez-vous français?   Join the French Club! We will meet once to twice per month and discuss French culture, people, foods, movies, etc… All Students are welcome!

Advisor:  Madame Riley

Meeting Dates & Location: TBD in Room 327

Great Creators Art Club

Art logo

Be a Great Creator! Join the Art Club if you wish to pursue creative ideas and explore a variety of artistic concepts and materials. Explore projects through a variety of different materials. Each session will focus on a specific concept or art medium.  Some sessions will be “student choice” meetings.

Advisor: Mrs. Manke

Meeting Dates & Location: 10 sessions, random days of the week (mostly Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday)  from October through December/January.  Art Studio, room 112.

green team

GW Green Team Club is open to all students and teachers who want to promote environmentally sustainable practices at the local level here at GWMS.

For more information, see the Green Team Club Google Classroom page.

Advisors: Dr. Chung and Ms. Williams

Meeting Dates & Location: TBD


Booktoks logo

Be a reading influencer!  Have you read any great books you want to tell everyone about?    This is your chance to combine your love of literature and technology.   GWBOOKTOC members will create posters, bookmarks, podcasts, displays and other PR materials of your favorite books to share with our GW community.  Join us and help everyone at GW find the perfect book. 

Advisor:  Mrs. Brown

Meeting Dates & Location:  Media Center, 3-4 pm, Tuesdays or Wednesdays, TBD, October - May



The GWMS Drama club encompasses all aspects of theater production. We welcome all grades to participate and all experience levels are welcome. Our main production will take place in late spring in the GW Auditorium. Students can engage in acting, singing, lighting, sound, set design, and stage crew. 

Advisor: Mr. Kadus, Ms. Greenberg, and Mrs. McKinnon

Meeting Dates & Location: TBD


film movie

This club is open to all students who are interested in making movies.  Students will learn basic film-making techniques and edit their work using WeVideo.  Student films created in the club may be entered in the annual GW/BF FILM FESTIVAL which plays for a live audience in June.  

Advisor: Mr. Kadus

Meeting Dates & Location: TBD in room 320.


knitting logo 

The knitting club is a place for everyone to come and both learn and practice the art of knitting or crochet. Newcomers will be instructed on how to crochet in small groups with instruction on knitting coming after. People who know how to knit or crochet are more than welcome to come and get help with their project or simply sit and chat.

Advisor: Ms. Hamilton

Meeting Dates & Location: Tuesdays, Room 314


math counts club 

The MATHCOUNTS Competition is a national middle school coaching and competitive mathematics program that promotes mathematics achievement through a series of fun and engaging "bee" style contests. The program exists in all 50 states. Practices from October through December are open to everyone and will be conducted after school in Room 322. In early January anyone that is interested in trying out for the GW team will take part in the school competition.

The twelve high scorers will make up our 2023-2024 team. Students are coached in everything from basic arithmetic skills to math logic, probability, statistics, linear algebra, and polynomials. The MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition (Bergen/Hudson Chapter) will take place in February 2024. If we do well enough there, we could advance to the State Competition in March 2024. Please listen for announcements as we plan on starting during the second full week of October.

Advisor: Mr. Pepe

Meeting Dates & Location: 3:00-4:00 pm Room 322



GW’s Prisms literary magazine provides an opportunity for students with an interest in art and writing to work together throughout the year on a school publication.  This is open to all grades and will meet approximately twice a month from October through April.

Advisor:  Ms. Primavera

Meeting Dates & Location:  2 Mondays per month in Room 312

SAGA club logo

The Sexuality and Gender Alliance is open to Middle School students who want to:

• work toward a more inclusive community

• learn about gender and sexuality diversity in an affirming group

• support all of their peers with compassion, confidentiality, and action

There are no requirements to attend and no formal membership roster. Every student is welcome to attend as frequently, or infrequently, as their schedule and interest level allow.

Advisor: Max Dabby

Meeting Dates & Location: TBD




The GW Ski & Snowboard Club takes to the slopes during the winter once again. We will be traveling to Mountain Creek.  This area offers plenty of varied terrains and employs staff dedicated to serving beginners through expert skiers and snowboarders. We strive to take 5 trips per season, weather permitting.

Advisor: Mrs. Chromeck

Meeting Dates & Location: January 5, 12, 19, 26, and February 2nd.  We will be leaving GWMS immediately after school.



Attention Soccer fans!

If you are a fan of European Soccer (specifically the Champions and Europa Leagues) and would like to watch matches live while analyzing the skills and talents of some of the greatest players alive, join Soccer Club.  We will meet on different game days, which are either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  The days will alternate between meetings.  We will break down both strengths and weaknesses while  we analyze data to learn soccer tactics.  Towards the end of the year, as the weather gets nicer and matches are fewer and farther between, we will be playing soccer outside to implement some of the tactics discussed.

Advisor:  Mr. Couch

Meeting Dates & Location: To Be Determined & Room 329

Spirit logo

The Spirit and Service Club is a wonderful opportunity for all students to share their enthusiasm for helping others.  We coordinate various school-wide drives and efforts during the year to assist local non-profit organizations. Our Thanksgiving and “Soup-er-Bowl” food drives are some of our major projects. We also run a book/gift/hat drive during the winter holidays and collect hygiene and snack items for deployed US soldiers.  This year, we hope to participate in different activities to give back to our Ridgewood community as well as larger communities including food banks, retirement homes and other areas of interest to our group members!

Advisors:  Ms. Simone

Meeting Dates & Location: every other Wednesday (first meeting date 10/11), location TBD


Do you like solving real world problems by working together with teammates to formulate solutions? The STEM Club may be for you! Students will use the Engineering Design Process to analyze situations, create a plan of action, and execute a plan to solve problems. Other topics we may touch on include: robotics, 3D printing, and coding! We compete in state-wide and regional competitions!

Advisors: Mrs. McKeary and Mrs. Zilvetti

Meeting Dates and Location: TBD- 2 to 3 times a month (usually Weds or Thursdays) after school from 3-4pm, Room 104

student council logo

The GW Student Council is the student government organization of the school and is composed of all three grade levels.  Students work toward the betterment of the school and on several yearly community service projects, school dances, and school-wide spirit activities.  Delegates meet regularly with the advisors and Principal to plan these activities. Homeroom representatives are elected in homeroom. The Council officers are 8th grade only and are elected in the Spring.

Advisors:  Mr. Kadus and Mrs. Tucker 

Meeting Dates & Location:  To Be Determined and Room 116



The GW track and field club is an inclusive team that practices during the spring. Being on the track team is a great experience for all and a fun way to make new friendships. Practices typically are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:15 at the BF field. There will also be plenty of meets where you can race against other teams and test new skills such as shotput or long jump. Also, please note that you need to turn in a physical before the season starts. There will also be a GroupSpot where all necessary information to know will be listed. If you have any questions please email Charlotte Ford.

Meeting Dates & Location: TBD in the Spring 



The Weight Training club will take place in the fitness center on Tuesdays and Thursdays for all students who are interested in improving their fitness. Students will be able to use all of the equipment in the Fitness center including weight machines, dumbbells, medicine balls, and cardio machines. 

Advisor: Mrs. Tucker

Meeting Dates & Location: Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Fitness Center


Come help us preserve your GW memories!! We need your help with fundraising, taking pictures, editing, and layout.  You will have your yearbook forever, so become part of the process and help make it special! 8th Grade Students Only!! 

This is a year-long commitment and you must be willing to make this commitment!

Advisor: Mrs. Porod

Meeting Dates & Location: Tuesdays in Room 225


** Note: There are many activities in addition to our clubs, such as George Rockington, Jazz Band, Concert Choir, Chamber Orchestra, School Play, etc… Keep an eye out for these exciting opportunities!